“Mando Saenz has a bevy of musicians around him, but perhaps the reason for that is how inviting and strong a good portion of the material that he brings to this record is. Roots-saturated and with ample heaps of Americana sprinkled throughout…” - ALL MUSIC GUIDE


“Throughout Bucket, key players add deft touches to layer in the warmth of the disc’s sweet, stinging melodies…but bucket is Mando Saenz’s show, and he delivers with heart rendering honestly 11 solid tracks to challenge the ears, and move the soul.” - AN HONEST TUNE


"Every once and awhile, I’ll stumble over a musician or band that stands out from the saturated batch. Mando Saenz is one of those guys. Studebaker is his third solo album (first in 5 years!) and it offers the perfect blend of Americana, honky-tonk, rock and folk." - READ JUNK


“Saenz’s arrangements soar with a constellation of such musicians as Kenny Vaughan, Chris Carmichael and David Grissom, and a guest harmony by Kim Richey, produced by R.S. Field, these tracks sparkle with subtle surprises in instrumentation and dynamics.” - NO DEPRESSION


“The record sounds mild until you listen closely. “Pocket of Red,” written with Kim Richey rocks like glam Americana, and “In the Back of Your Mind” features a spiffy guitar-break that suggest Tom Petty imitating Roger McGuinn. It’s a sharp record…” - AMERICAN SONGWRITER


“Mando Saenz follows a rich tradition of Texas’ singer songwriters with his own style of writing and singing that is uniquely Mando. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the bill with him numerous times and am proud for him with this new record.” - JIM LAUDERDALE


“It’s hard not to be moved by such a heartfelt record. Great sounding, sweet songs. Sounds like a guy you want to get to know.” - BUDDY MILLER


“Mando writes groovy insightful songs and beautiful melodies. Watertown reveals more with every listen, that’s what I like.” - BRUCE ROBISON


Management: John Troup